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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Whatever Happened to Chad Peralta

So.. I haven't touched this blog since time in memorial ... December 10 2006 to be exact... that's like 3 years ago. Lol.

Well, nothing much has been talked about Chad Peralta anymore. Not his career or music. I read in some celebrity gossip site (I think it's PEP) that Chad Peralta and some of his PDA colleagues had been fooling around in the US causing Star Magic to void its contract with him or so and so. Read for yourself. And.. ano ba... sila daw ni Panky. Hehehe.

And just a minute ago, while surfing for his whereabouts, I saw his oversaturated, overphotoshopped picture posted on a Multiply website along with other pictures of of shirtless men mouthing a lollipop, smeared cakes on their lips, heck, you know what I mean.

And just this morning, when I was watching Coto's fight on TV, I saw that Chad Peralta joined an amateur boxing show, that's the thing I would definitely watch out for!